Member Emergency Hotline

Members, if you have an emergency involving a job you have been booked on, you may use the casting director 24-hour hotline to ensure we get your call immediately. For example, if

  1. You need to cancel a job you are booked on due to an emergency (policy on canceling)
  2. You are lost on the way to set; or you expect to be significantly late to set; OR
  3. You are booked on a job in the next 24-hours, and you feel you don't have enough information to make it to the set on-time and prepared

If any of these are the case for you and we do not answer the office phone immediately, you may access the casting director hotline by calling 310-499-7003.

If this is an urgent call, but it does NOT involve an emergency with a job you are booked on, absolutely do NOT call the casting director line. Please call the main office line. Every call is important to us. If we do not answer, your call will be returned promptly.