Uncut is an established casting service that has booked talent on hundreds of productions in recent years alone. Our members have worked on features from Oscar-winning directors, critically acclaimed television shows, Super Bowl commercials, and music videos from top Billboard artists.

Uncut is an Extras Booking Service specializing in standard and featured extra roles for Non-Union and SAG/AFTRA on Movies, Commercial, TV shows, Print jobs, and a various other on camera projects. Uncut works with over 50 of LA's top extras casting companies, and has been in business for over 15 years!

Once registered with Uncut, you'll be responsible for completing an online profile, which will include 3 photos, some information about yourself, as well as an online schedule indicating the days you are available for work. Your personalized profile will then be submitted numerous times throughout the day for various projects fitting your specific category. Once a production is interested in booking you, Uncut will contact you directly with your details for the upcoming job.

Worried your look might not be right for booking regular work? Over the past 15 yrs., Uncut has booked every single person who has registered at one point or another. Although certain looks do tend to work more frequently than others, Uncut takes pride in being able to provide work to all different types and looks. Registered with Uncut? Log into your account here.