Sign Up FAQs

Q: What do I need to bring with me the day I schedule to have my in office photo and sign booking policy agreement?
A: The registration activation process usually takes between 15-30min depending on how many questions you have. Please come camera ready, and do not wear solid white, stripes, patterns or ANY name brand logos. If you have headshots, or recent photos that were taken within the past year, please bring them as a hard copy, on a thumb drive, or any online method of retrieving so we can review them together. Union members, please bring your Union card.

To ensure you are authorized to work in the US, please bring one of the following:

  • a current US passport
  • a current drivers license and social security card
  • a current drivers license and a birth certificate

*Non-US citizens must also bring a current employment authorization card, or a resident alien card in addition to the above.

Q: Where should I park and how do I find your office?
A: Our address is :


Q: Why won't my account be active until I come in for an in-office photo or until I sign the booking policy?
A: Because we are putting our reputation on the line with the casting agencies that book you, Uncut Casting cannot send you on a shoot until we have met you in person, taken an in-office photo of you that we can show to the casting director, and thoroughly gone over our booking policy agreement so you are clear of what Uncut Casting's policies are in terms of your availability, professionalism, and accountability. Conversely, we will also let you know what you can expect from our team.

Q: Can I cancel from the service any time?
A: Yes. You just need to give us 30 days notice and make sure your schedule is accurate for the last month. If you don't want to work in the last month, do not leave your availability open.

Q:When do I have to pay the booking fee per job I am booked on?
A:Uncut Casting recommends you pay the booking fee per job with your credit card the day you are booked or within a week of booking you so that we are not always having to wait for your payment to receive ours. This could cause your dues to become past due if u wait too long to pay after we book you. That being said, Uncut Casting has an open door policy in getting payment from its members as long as the member lets our accounting team know when payment can be made.

Q: How can I become a member of the Union?
A: In order to become eligible to join the SAG/AFTRA Union through background work, you must be booked as a Union performer on 3 separate days of work, thus attaining 3 union vouchers. There are many different ways to be booked Union, but showing up to set early can sometimes land you a voucher, acting in a professional manner while on set, and being recalled as Union, and stand-in work are all ways to get those golden tickets. Actors may also get vouchers when casting directors are unable to locate a SAG member on short notice. Uncut may be able to help a member acquire union vouchers through work referred by our service, or by speaking to us about steps you can take to increase your chances of getting vouchers.

Q: From whom and how quickly do we receive payment from jobs we are booked on?
A: Talent will always be paid by the production company that hired the casting agency that casted you on their project. All productions pay on a different time line. Some pay with in the week but others can take up to 2-4 weeks for payment. The average is about 2.5 weeks to be paid.

Q: How often can I expect to work?
A: That answer depends primarily on your "look." Uncut is constantly submitting your profile to a variety of new projects, so it's just a matter of time before your "look" is requested and you're working on set. This industry is unpredictable, and although certain "types" generally work more than others, Uncut has booked EVERYONE who has registered for the service and followed the rules. Overall, there are more Non-Union projects shooting than SAG/AFTRA, therefore our Non-Union members tend to work more often. The good thing is, since Uncut only charges a booking fee when you are booked! Uncut thrives on booking it's members as often as possible, as our success depends strictly on how often you're getting booked!

Q: Worried your look might not be right for booking regular work?
A: Over the past 14yrs., Uncut has booked every single person who has registered at one point or another. Although certain looks do tend to work more frequently than others, Uncut takes pride in being able to provide work to all different types and looks.

Q: Do I need professional headshots or a resume to work with Uncut?
A: Uncut does NOT require professional headshots, or an extensive resume to be booked. However your online member profile requires a headshot, 3/4 bodyshot, and a specialty photo representing a specialty or character look. Upon registration, Uncut will provide at least 1 in office photo, and up to 3 depending on service joined. If you would like to use your own photos, please bring in hard or digital copies for a member of our staff to review. Any additional photos you may need can be taken in our office for the cost of $10 per photo. For many of the higher paying jobs and audition opportunities, professional photos and experience will aide in getting you booked, but ultimately production needs to see photos that accurate depict of how you look, without any other distracting items in the photo, blurry shots, or weird angles. Uncut can also recommend a number reputable and affordable photographers to help get your portfolio started.

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